Women in the Justice system: House of Lords opens doors for free seminar


*** Registration of attendance is required: please email your name and address to administrator@wwafe-women.org ***

Baroness Gould, life Peer and Head of the Women’s National Commission, is hosting a free and open WWAFE seminar this Wednesday 27th June in the House of Lords.

In what promises to be a fantastic event, both in terms of content and networking opportunities, there are a range of questions to be discussed:

Where do women fit in to the justice system as victims, survivors, practitioners, judges, and in law making? Why are women prosecuted as ‘false complainants’ whilst so few accused go to trial for rape and other violent offences against women? Women and girls are trafficked in increasing numbers: what role can the law play in ending this exploitation? Why are there so few women judges whilst women lawyers increase rapidly in numbers? Why aren’t women at the table when conflict resolution is discussed? Is UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on women’s participation in ending conflict being ignored?

There are a number of high profile speakers, including:

Professor Susan Edwards, University Dean of Research at Buckingham University, barrister, published author, Co-Director of the Centre for Multi-Cultural Studies in Law and the Family, and campaigner for Women’s International Human Rights.

Jennifer Drew, formerly the chair of Object, consultant to Scottish Women Against Pornography, and regular contributor to Global Sisterhood Network.

Piya Muqit, formerly the Children’s Legal Officer at Refugee and Migrant Justice, now the Children’s Law and Policy Officer at Freedom from Torture, and a prominent campaigner around the need to end child detention in UK immigration centres

Sarah Peters-Harrison, independent human rights and policy researcher, currently contributing to UN Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons, recently held the position of Women’s Officer at Cambridge University.

There will be plenty of opportunity for audience contribution and one on one conversations, both with speakers and other attendees.

The event will run from 6pm until 8pm, but please arrive at the Cromwell Green entrance 15 minutes early to allow for security. Registration of attendance is required: email your name and address to administrator@wwafe-women.org

Any questions? Want more information? Please comment or contact kate.talbot@cantab.net, or administrator@wwafe-women.org


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